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Launching in January 2017 is set to become a premier online marketing tool for chiropractic business owners across Australia.

Approximately 50,000 searches are done each month in Australia, in Google alone, relating to Chiropractic. Nearly half of those searches are Geo-targeted.

Having a Geo-specific sub domain on Australia’s premier domain for chiropractic has a range of benefits to help your clinic capture as many of those local searches as possible. 

A sub domain can be used as your primary website, secondary website or portal into your existing website. sub domains are well suited to be used on your Google My Business page, due to its high relevancy, high traffic being a part of a dynamic Australia wide network, exact match keywords in the domain and also because of our integrated reputation management software, to provide your clinic with regular, positive reviews. All of which create a powerful framework to achieve the coveted top spot on Google Maps. 

It is also well suited to be a stand alone website to rank in the organic search results.

Chiropractic search results in Google Australia

What is a Geo Specific Sub Domain?

A Geo specific sub domain is essentially a geographically (Geo) or location specific domain name, that is a sub division or part of a main domain. For example, if you were located in Bondi, you could choose as your unique, geo specific sub domain.

Some of these sub domains will be highly sought after by your competitors, because they are exclusive to one per suburb, town or city and because Geo Specific sub domains on can and will have a PROVEN advantage to achieve top rankings in the major search engines, due to their quality & relevancy, for all local searches.

Benefits of Having a Geo-Specific Sub Domain on

  • Top of the page listing in the main directory, whereby you are listed in your specific region and suburb or city in Australia and seen first by potential customers.
  • The main directory will be optimized and structured to make it easy for visitors and Search Engines to find a local chiropractor.
  • A NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citation to boost your Google Places/Maps listing. NAP citations are the basis of the Google Places/Maps ranking algorithm.
  • A quality backlink to your website. Important for improved SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Sub domains also appear in search engines and will outrank the main directory for local searches because of their increased relevancy to the specific geographic keyword.
  • Professionally designed sub domain/website, Optimised for high search engine rankings. You can choose to have a simple landing page which steers prospective clients onto your primary website, or have a complete website, either a secondary website or your primary website, on the premier domain name for the Chiropractic industry, 
  • On-Site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Premium Managed & Dedicated Hosting with an emphasis on load speed and security, both of which have an indirect effect on SEO.
  • Premium Dedicated Hosting Services, are usually out of reach for most small businesses.
  • Access to a User Friendly WordPress (Genesis Framework) Dashboard/Back Office for blogging, adding videos, photos, content.
  • Industry Leading Online appointment scheduling tool to help you capture more business and save you time.
  • Automated Reputation Management Software to help build your Glowing Reputation.
  • Value for money. We do not charge for additional off site SEO. We can recommend reputable websites for you to get links from, which have proven SEO value and if need be, provide a service to assist with that. As an Exclusive Member you will enjoy the benefits of being a member of our Dynamic Network, Powerful On-Site SEO & Some Off-Site SEO, World’s Best Appointment Scheduling & Reputation Management Software and Premium hosting.

Why You Could Be Wasting Your Money on SEO

SEO works in 2 parts, firstly on page, otherwise known as on-site SEO is all of the things concerning the way your website is structured.

Then you have off page SEO or off-site SEO, which refers to techniques that can be used to improve the rankings of web site in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Most people associate off-site SEO with link building, however it includes a little bit more than that.

SEO Companies who do not have control of the structure and content of your website, could be wasting your money. If you employ a company that does SEO such as link building, article marketing, press releases and so forth but this company has no interest in how your website is structured, how each page is structured, what the page titles, meta descriptions, keywords, heading tags and several other key points to take into consideration in regards to on-site SEO, it is highly likely that you may as well pour your money down the drain.

What Makes Our SEO Service Different?

We focus primarily on on-site SEO, exercising link building with a natural and limited approach.

Many SEOs build backlinks across the internet and hope for the best, with no regard for On-Site SEO or SEO Best Practice.

But I Already Have a Website You Say?

Even if you have a professionally designed website that is ranking highly, for many of your target keywords, chances are you also have competitors who are also there on page 1, doing their best to outrank you and steal your prospects.

We can help you outrank your competitors, including sites like Yellow Pages, Health Engine, Local Search & True Local. We want you to dominate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), for local chiropractic searches.

Having more of a presence than you already do on the first page of the Search Engines, is not a bad idea. It will help you to be perceived as the market leader and the logical choice for a prospective client.

Only one Exclusive Membership/Sub Domain is available in each Suburb/City across Australia.

This ensures that as a Premium Member, you’ll have exclusive rights to use the branded Geo Specific sub domain on, specific to your local marketplace.

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